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BFMH3 #531

Where’s My Teddy (Roosevelt)?


Thursday, April 17th
7:30 PM – Pack On-Out at 8:00 PM
$10 Hash Cash


R Bar (formerly Roosevelt’s Pub)
2222 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 569-8879


Hashers & Harriets,

The BFM H3′s #531 hash will be in the Rittenhouse Square area thisThursday at R Bar (formerly Roosevelt’s Pub), 2222 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, (215) 569-8879. Nothing says hashing like a dive bar with cheap beer, douchey grad students (I can say this because I formerly was one) and a private back room with a dj spinning techno tracks after circle. Excited yet, I know I am.

As always, meet up at the bar around 7:30 pm, with the pack out around 8:00 pm HST. Hash cash is $10.00.

If your interested in haring, but are new to the hash or an inexperienced hare, just let me know and we can find you a trusty co-hare.

Note: While we here at the BFM loves debauchery as much as the rest of the world (if not more), we also have come to understand that discretion is key. That being said, we please ask that photography only be taken before or during trail. No cameras or pictures taken once we return to the bar for circle. Any photos once we return to the bar are to be taken by the hashflash. Thank you all for understanding.

Hope to see everyone on Thursday.
Gay Matthews Lamb

Upcumming Hashes

Date # Location Theme
4/24 532 TBD
5/1 533 TBD
5/8 534 TBD


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